Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dreamworks Monsters vs. Aliens - B.O.B.

B.O.B. has an insatiable appetite for destruction! The indestructible gelatinous mass is capable of absorbing everythin in his way! Aided by the help of dellow monsters Dr. Cockroach, The Missing Link, Insectosaurus, and Ginormica, the team of misfits must save the world from alien take over!

Packaging: Monsters Vs. Aliens come packed on a blister card, nothing too special, since this is afterall advertising for a film, they sure do make sure they get the name up there enough! In the background is a skyline of a nondescript city being attacked by lazers. The back of the card gives a nice little bio (just in case you're someone like me who has never seen the movie) and hilights the toy's features: "oozes slime, absorbs everything, indestructible!" It also gives a warning, which if taken in the wrong context could be pretty perverted: "Keep away from small children, wash hand (yes, hand) after play, slime is toy, DO NOT put into mouth or swallow." To give credit where credit is due, I wanted B.O.B. the isntant I saw him, so whoever designed this package did their job well.

Sculpt and Paint: B.O.B. (Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate) is a one-eyed amorphous creature whose only goal in life is to consume everything he touches. Made of a high-quality polymer, B.O.B is just darn cool. He reminds me of one of those toys you'd get from a quarter vending machine when leaving the supermarket or Toys 'R' Us. There's not too much to say about the sculpt, he's a big gelatinous mass... is sculpted appropraitely so. The only piece of hard plastic is his one eye, everything else is made from the polymer. B.O.B. is hollow, so you can fit things inside him, like other action figures, or even your hand and use him like a puppet.

Articulation: B.O.B. has zero points of articulation, though you can bend him, stretch him, put him inside out, stuff your hand inside him, and stuff him full of other toys.

Accessories: B.O.B. comes with one accessory, which was a huge selling point for me: SLIME. B.O.B includes a little tub of slime, about 1.41 OZ, just enough to fill his mouth and let ooze out. You'll have to forgive me, its been years since I've actually felt or held slime, so the details are a little fuzzy to try and compare apples to apples. There's really no distinguishable smell or texture to this slime. Its semi viscous and very watery, though when you remove your finger, there is a little moisture but  no residue or anything leftover. I was hesitant to use on any figures at first, but after a few test runs, I was confident enough to use my Brave and the Bold Aquaman as test subject.



Overall: Considering I've never seen Monsters vs. Aliens, and the likelyhood that I actually do ever watch it is very slim, nor do I plan on collecting the rest of the line, B.O.B. gets filed into the novelty toy category. B.O.B. caught my eye when I first saw the MvA figures at TRU, and every time I made a toy run I'd scope him out. Even when they ran sales on the figures I had to pass. Finding him on clearance at $5.99 was no huge savings, but at least in my mind I can justify the purchase. I doubt he'll have long shelf life on my desk or display, but for the time being he's a lot of fun to squeeze and play with, which makes him worth his purchase price. I plan to get some good usage out of the slime as well, hopefully when I dust off my MOTU Slime Pit and pick an MOTUC character to get slimed... I think my prime candidate is my Man-At-Arms with a messed up shoulder! Stay tunes for pichas! 

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