Sunday, February 7, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 11 - John Stewart

When Green Lantern Hal Jordan was incapacitated en route to a JLA adventure, Hal's power ring sought out and selected architect John Stewart to be Hal's "alternative" peacekeeper of space sector 2814. Honest and utterly without fear, John was eventually awarded his own power ring and full-time status as a Green Lantern in his own right. He continues battling evil as a Green Lantern, his dedication earning him full membership in the JLA.

Packaging: John Stewart comes in the standard DCUC blister card that we've seen since wave one.

Sculpt & Paint: John Stewart comes with the Batman body with a few small added details. He has added wrist bands which are painted in a nice metallic green. Also, his Lantern ring is of a different design than that of Hal Jordan's, and is also painted in metallic green. While Stewart's uniform is mostly green and black, the most detail is at his head. The Four Horsemen have done a fantastic job with the sculpt of his face, and while I'm mostly only familiar with John Stewart from the Justice League animated series, they do a great job blending his apparance from animation as well as comics.

Articulation: John Stewart's articulation is pretty standard for the line: ball-and-hinge joints at the shoulders, H-hinges at the hips, standard hinges at the elbows, knees, torso, and ankles, and swivels at the head, biceps, wrists, waist, and lower thighs. The only thing missing is the ball jointed head, which hurts the most when trying to convey any character or emotion with these characters.

Accessories: Wave 11's Collect & Connect figure is Green Lantern Kilowog, John Stewart comes Wog's left arm. Not counting the Collect & Connect parts, besides Katma Tui Stewart is the only other character in this wave to include accessories, which does add a lot of value. Stewart has two ring constructs, a green fist, and a gun of sorts. Both fit nicely over his ring fist, and both fit on Hal Jordan's fist as well, though the fist fits a bit more nicely than the gun.

Overall: John Stewart is a fantastic figure, whether you're looking to add to the ranks of your Green Lantern Corps, or looking to complete your JLA, he will not let you down. I'm very happy overall with John Stewart. Along with The Question, he was one of the must-haves from Wave 11. I happened to find him at Newbury Comics for $19.99 and I jumped on the opportunity. Although the cost seems a bit high, even at the time of purchasing him, I'm still glad I have him here and now.

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