Thursday, February 4, 2010

DC Universe Classics Wave 11 - The Question

Vic Sage was the smartest investigative reporter in Hub city, but he could only get so far playing by the rules. So Vic invented an alter ego to prowl Hub's back alleys - a facelss enigma known to criminals as "The Question." His war on crime brought him into conflict with Lady Shiva, the world's deadliest martial artist. Killed in that battle, he was revived and trained by Kung Fu master Richard Dragon. Since his brush with death, the Question returned to action driven by a new philosophy and a burning need to expose corruption and injustice to the cold light of day.


Packaging: Nothing new here really, same 'ol blister card featuring other figures on the wave on back. One tiny addition is the "Fan's Choice" sticker on front, calling attention to the fact that fans voted The Question #1 in the Toyfare DC Universe Classics Fan Poll.

Sculpt & Paint: The Question, like Deadshot, is a character with a relatively featureless face. However, with subtle sculpting, the Four Horsemen have once again successfully achieved the look of a face being covered by a mask. The Question borrows some parts from Gotham City Thug from the Movie Masters line (torso, pelvis, and legs). Otherwise Question seems to offer totally original sculpt, most importantly his trench coat. Considering its about fifty percent of what we see when looking at this character, its a damn good thing they got it right. They went so far as detailing the seamlines, and his collar and lapells flow freely, and his belt is tied behind him in a knot. The Question's paint apps seem fairly simple, but the small details like the buttons and wash on the trench coat give it a nice touch of shade. The only real negative is the yellow on the shirt, it sort of hinders the overall look of the toy, but yellow is just one of those colors that really does not translate into toy form too well without looking cheap and plasticy


Articulation: The Question has all of the articulation we have come to know and love from a DC Universe Classics figure. Oh, yeah, except with that one small exception of the ball joint head. Out of all the figures in this wave, I think the lack of this articulation hurts The Question the most. However, that said, he does seem to be sort of looking down already, so you can still achieve that lurking in the shadows feel. The other articulation that The Question has lost is his torso joint due to his overcoat. That said, I really don't miss it too much.

Accessories: Wave 11's Collect & Connect figure is Green Lantern Kilowog, The Question comes Wog's left leg.

Overall: I am extremely happy with The Question. One might say he looks a little dull, but in a sea of the same bucks, he is a refreshing departure from the norm. Along with John Stewart, The Question was one of the must-haves for me from Wave 11. I paid $19.99 for him at Newbury Comics, and although the price may seem high, I certainly don't regret it.


  1. Very well. I think I found my Substitude for Poe's reviews.

  2. Thanks! I've written reviews before, but never for toys, so I'm still getting a little used to this.